Can Dog Get A Cold

Hi everyone! You know how us humans get colds, right? Well, what about our furry pals, the dogs? Can they catch a cold too? Yep, they sure can, and it’s no picnic for them either, just like for us. In this article, we’re gonna look at what a dog cold looks like, how they get it, and what you can do if your dog starts sniffing and sneezing. Stick around to find out more!

Symptoms Of A Dog Cold

So, dogs can catch a cold, and you gotta know what to look for to help ’em out fast. If they’ve got something like a respiratory infection, they might have trouble breathing, and that can lead to even bigger problems if you don’t deal with it right away. If your dog’s coughing, sneezing, or has a runny nose that’s clear or kind of greenish-yellow, those are signs.

Your pup’s body's germ fighters really matters when they catch a cold too. If they’re a bit run-down ’cause of age or being sick before, they can get hit by viruses like the ones that cause breathing problems more easily. You might notice other stuff like them not eating much, looking kind of down, being extra tired, or running a fever.

You should take your dog to the vet regularly so any sicknesses can be spotted early and handled right, before they turn into something worse. Catching it early and getting treatment can make a huge difference for a pet dealing with breathing problems or things like that, which are connected to cold viruses in dogs.


How Dogs Catch A Cold

Yep, dogs can catch a cold. Even though puppies usually get shots against some viruses that cause colds, they can still get sick if they miss boosters or get super stressed. You’ve gotta know what to look for so you can get your vet on it ASAP.

Dog colds are a lot like human ones – watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, and being all tired. If a dog has a breathing infection, it might not want to eat and might even pant more ’cause it’s harder to breathe.

If you think your pet’s got the sniffles, you better get them to the vet right away. The vet will test your pup’s blood and other stuff to see if it’s just something minor like kennel cough or something nastier like pneumonia. Jumping on treatment right away should help your fur buddy bounce back fast.

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Treating Your Dog’s Cold


Once your dog catches a cold, you gotta start helping them out right away. While some small things can be treated at home, most dog colds need the vet to take a look. Luckily, there are some usual treatments that can make your dog feel better quickly.

Some treatments might be antibiotics or antiviral stuff the vet gives you. They usually aim at other infections that can happen at the same time, so that’s why you need the vet if your dog has more than just some sneezing and watery eyes. Your pet might also need antihistamines from the vet to calm down swelling from allergies. You always wanna do this with the vet watching ’cause too much medicine can be bad for your buddy.

You gotta keep an eye on your dog while they get better to catch anything weird like being really tired or having trouble breathing. Make sure they drink enough and eat good food – canned food with lots of protein should do the trick. You might also want to use warm, damp cloths on their nose and mouth if they need it and keep an eye out for infection signs like red eyes or any weird discharge.

Stopping Colds From Spreading


You gotta think about how to stop colds from spreading, especially when it comes to our precious pets. After all, no one wants their dog feeling crummy! Getting to know your dog’s body's germ fighters and using shots are a couple of big things that pet owners should do to keep their furry family member from catching a cold bug.

The best way to keep any critter healthy is to make sure its body's germ fighters is tough and working right. This means taking them to the vet regularly, giving them good food, lots of exercise, and fun stuff to do. Plus, watching for any signs of them being sick or acting weird which could mean something’s up with their health can help you find problems before they turn into big trouble.

Shots are another key way used to make immunity stronger and keep off certain sicknesses like viruses or germs. Shots give the body a tiny bit of foreign germs which helps build up defense over time by getting the body to make protective stuff to fight it. So, making sure your dog gets their shots when the vet says is a big step towards keeping them healthy.

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So don’t forget: keep things clean at home and also make sure your dog gets enough exercise and stays on track with their shots – these simple things can go a long way to keep your fuzzy buddy safe from getting sick!

When You Need To See The Vet

The last thing any pet owner wants is for their fuzzy buddy to get a cold. Luckily, you can do things to keep this from happening! Shots are key for keeping your dog safe from a bunch of bad sicknesses and infections. But, it’s also good to know about things that might go wrong with shots – like bad reactions or getting too many – so be sure to chat with your vet first.

Another awesome way to keep your dog from getting a cold is by letting them hang out with other animals safely. This means staying away from animals that might have been around sick germs, not going to places where they can meet a bunch of other dogs, and making sure they’re always good on flea and tick meds. Being smart about who they hang with can keep your pooch healthy and chipper!

At the end of the day, if you think your dog might be sick, then you should head to the vet quick. They’ll make sure your beloved pet gets what they need to feel better fast and without a fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Dog Pass a Cold to a Human?


Yep, it’s totally possible for a cold to go from a dog to a person. This kind of bug can spread through spit and touching an infected animal or person. Getting a shot might help keep away dog sicknesses, but even if your your doggo’s had their shots, they might still have germs that could make you sick. The best way to not catch something from your pooch is by keeping things clean and boosting your own body’s defenses with good stuff like enough sleep and exercise.

Got Any Home Cures for a Dog Cold?

If your pup’s caught a cold, don’t stress! There’s some stuff you can do at home to help. First, figure out the symptoms and make sure it’s not something worse. Then, try some natural fixes like putting honey or cinnamon in their food; both are super for their body's germ fighters. Also, make sure they’re resting enough and drinking lots – it’s just as key for them as for us. If you’re worried about giving your dog a vaccine for a cold, have a chat with your vet about any steps you should take before doing anything.

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Can a Dog’s Cold Be So Bad They Need to Go to the Hospital?

Yeah, a dog’s cold can get so nasty they need to be in the hospital. Vaccines are a big help in stopping these kinds of illnesses that might need hospital care, but even dogs that had their shots can get bad colds. If your pup’s acting tired, not eating, or having trouble breathing, you’d better get to the vet quick. These could be signs they need to be in the hospital.

Does the Weather Affect Whether a Dog Gets a Cold?


Sure does, the weather can make a difference in whether a dog gets a cold. Chilly temps and humidity can mess with how well shots work and up the chance of spreading viruses. So if you’re in a place where the weather’s all over the place, you might want to talk to your vet about getting your pup a shot for things like kennel cough or distemper.

Is a Dog’s Cold Different from a Person’s Cold?

Yeah, there’s a difference between a dog’s cold and a person’s cold. Shots are way riskier for dogs since they might catch stuff from other critters, while we’re not as likely to catch contagious things from other people. Make sure your pet’s shots are up to date so you don’t have to worry if they come into contact with something. Plus, keeping your pup comfy inside means they’re less likely to catch a cold, since staying warm and dry is easier inside.


Yep, dogs can get colds like we do. It’s up to us pet owners to watch for changes in our dog’s behavior and get them to the vet if something’s wrong. The best way to keep your pup from getting a cold is to keep them warm when it’s cold out, make sure they have fresh water, and feed them good food. We might not always be able to keep them from getting a cold, but doing what we can helps lower the risk.

We also need to know when our pup’s got a cold so we can get them help quick. With the right care, most dog colds can be taken care of and don’t need a hospital stay. So let’s keep an eye out and be on top of things to keep our four-legged family members from getting sick!