Can Dog Get Pink Eye

Hey everyone! We’ve all seen those signs of pink eye in people – red eyes, puffy faces, and tears everywhere. But what about our your doggos? Can dogs get pink eye too? A lot of folks worry about this, so let’s dig into it a bit: Can our four-legged pals catch pink eye?

In this article, we’ll chat about what makes pink eye happen in people and animals. We’ll also take a look at how to spot pink eye in your dog, and what to do if they catch it. So keep reading to find out more about this thing that can bother us all!

What Is Pink Eye?

You’ve probably heard about pink eye, or conjunctivitis, right? It’s when the gooey stuff that covers your eyelids and part of your eyeballs gets all inflamed. But what about dogs? Can they get it? The quick answer is yup! Dogs can catch this bug just like we can.


You gotta know a little about how a dog’s eyes work to really understand pink eye. A dog’s eyes have two main bits: the sclera (that’s the white part on the outside) and the conjunctiva (which lines the inside and outside). When these parts get all mad and inflamed, they turn red and leak more goo than usual – that’s what we call “pink eye” in folks.

Luckily, there’s stuff you can do for Pink Eye in dogs. Slapping some antibiotic goo right on the sick part helps calm it down and fight off any nasty bugs that might be there. You can also do things like cool compresses to help make it feel better. So if you think your pup’s got Pink Eye, head over to the vet right away to find out what’s up and get them fixed.

What Makes Pink Eye Happen In Dogs?

So now you know that pink eye is when the conjunctiva gets all mad and inflamed. But what makes that happen in a dog? They can get pink eye from being allergic to stuff, or from bugs and other nasty things. Allergies to pollen, dust bunnies, and mold are some of the regular things that make dogs’ eyes all red and itchy. Nasty bugs like staph are another reason why dogs might get pink eye. Even some viruses like distemper or adenovirus can make it happen.

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Besides these usual suspects, there are other weird things that might mess with your dog’s eyes. If your pet’s been around certain chemicals or smoke, they might get allergies that make their eyes puff up and turn pink. Plus, things getting into the eye can make it all red and leaky if a vet doesn’t get to it fast enough.

You really ought to take your pup to the vet if you think they’ve got pink eye. The vet can figure out what’s really going on and get them fixed up before it gets real bad. They’ll probably ask you if your dog’s been around anything that might have made them allergic, and they’ll check their eyes good and proper for signs of infection or damage from things getting in there.

How To Spot Pink Eye In Dogs


I’m freaking out thinking my dog might have pink eye! I’m trying to work out what pink eye looks like in dogs so I know for sure. I’m also thinking about what’s the best way to make it better, so I can get my furball back to normal. Anyone here know about spotting and fixing pink eye in dogs?

Signs Of Pink Eye In Dogs

You a dog parent thinking your pup might have pink eye? It’s kinda hard to know if it’s just normal eye gunk or something worse, so you’ve gotta know what to look for. Depending on your dog’s breed, some might have more trouble with their eyes than others. Let’s break down what could mean your dog’s got a case of pink eye.

One of the big giveaways for pink eye in dogs is if their eyes get all red or puffy. They might also feel itchy, tear up, or squint like something’s bugging them, plus do stuff like blink a lot, scratch their face, or rub against things. Their eye whites might go cloudy from all the gunk coming from their tears, or they might get this yucky yellow stuff near their eyelids and eye corners. You might even see their eyes puff up around the sick part.

If any of this stuff is going on, you should really call your vet pronto for what to do next!

Fixing Pink Eye In Dogs

Once you’ve spotted the signs of pink eye in your your doggo, you gotta start thinking about fixing it and keeping it from happening again. Taking care of the symptoms is crucial, so your vet might hook you up with some antibiotics or wetting drops, based on how bad your pup’s got it. And don’t forget to keep things clean, ’cause a messy place might give them conjunctivitis even if there’s no infection around. Make sure their sleeping spot is nice and clean, and wash all their toys often, too. To keep the irritation down, try switching out any blankets or stuff they touch a lot so they don’t turn into germ factories.

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Along with the usual meds, home cures like chamomile tea bags soaked in warm water for their eyes can help with itching and puffiness. You might wanna think about giving them some vitamins C and A, too, ’cause they help with eye health in dogs and help them kick infections faster. All in all, getting on the symptoms quick with both regular meds and other tricks gives your pooch the best shot at getting better!

Fixing Pink Eye In Dogs: What to Do


When it comes to sorting out pink eye in dogs, step one is handling the symptoms. Depending on how rough your dog’s got it, you might have to keep them away from other critters or keep them inside till they’re all better. You also gotta make sure they chill out and eat good while they’re getting better.

Next up, you’ve got to put in eye drops that have antibiotic creams or stuff to take down swelling, just like the vet tells you. This will help calm things down and take care of any redness or bother from pink eye. Follow the rules on how much to give ’em for the best results.

Just a heads up: some pink eye can spread, so staying in touch with the vet during the fix-up is a must. With the right care and keeping an eye on things with your vet, you can get your pup back to normal lickety-split!

Preventing Pink Eye in Dogs and Taking Care of ‘Em

I get why you’re worried about whether dogs can get pink eye. Yep, they can, and it’s key to know how to spot it in our four-legged pals and what to do to keep ’em feeling good.

Finding the signs of pink eye in dogs isn’t too hard if you know what to look for. You might see that their eyes are red or puffy, they’re having trouble seeing, or there’s some goo coming from an eye. If you see any of this, then it’s vet time, pronto.

Being clean is a big deal to stop things like pink eye where germs can spread from touching a sick animal or person. Always wash up before and after playing with your pet and keep their toys and bed spotless. And try not to let other pets get too close when they’re having fun – keep ’em apart! Doing this easy stuff will help stop anything else from going wrong ’cause of pink eye in dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cats Catch Pink Eye?


Yep, cats can catch pink eye. It’s an eye bug that can come from allergies or stuff that gets in their eyes, and it’s something you often see in cats and other pets. Look for a red, goopy eye and puffy eyelids. If your cat has these things going on, you need to get them to the vet pronto so they can figure out what’s wrong and fix it up.

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Is Dog Pink Eye Contagious?

Yep, dog pink eye can spread, and it can jump from one dog to another through the air or just by touching. You can keep it from spreading by keeping your dog away from others that might have it, washing your hands after petting any animal, and not letting pets share food dishes. Dog pink eye looks different in different breeds, but usually, you’ll see red, puffy eyes, goop in both eyes, pawing at the face/eyes, squinting, and a foggy look on the eye. If you think your dog’s got pink eye, get them to the vet quick to get it sorted.

How Long for Pink Eye to Clear Up in Dogs?

Got a pup with pink eye? Don’t worry; it usually clears up on its own in a few days. You might notice red, goopy eyes. If you see it early, you can help your dog by taking care of their eyes at home. Warm washcloths work great, and make sure they get lots of sleep. This way, your pup will bounce back fast and safe!

Any Home Fixes for Pink Eye in Dogs?


When it comes to dog pink eye, there are some things you can do at home. Stopping it before it starts is huge – keep your dog away from others who might have it and clean any goop with some antibiotic cream to keep them safe. To help with the symptoms, cold cloths or eye drops can cut down the puffiness and make things feel better. These won’t cure your dog, but they might make them feel better while you’re waiting to see the vet.

Any Side Stuff from Pink Eye Meds in Dogs?

Treating dog pink eye might mean some meds like antibiotics or eye drops from the vet. But just so you know, these can have some side stuff. Things like risks from vaccines or eye drop side effects might pop up when treating pink eye in your pet. That’s why it’s big to make sure you get what might happen before you start treatment.


Yes, sadly dogs can catch pink eye just like us. It’s super catchy, so you’ve got to be on top of stopping it from spreading. It usually takes a few days to get better, but your vet has stuff that can speed up getting better. Things like warm cloths might help, too. Make sure to chat with your vet about any side stuff before you give your dog pink eye meds or try things at home. Doing this will make sure your your doggo gets over this icky thing fast and safe.